Friday, March 28, 2008

Recent Happenings

I'm so ticked that I can't post any pictures, but I let our little photographer Eli use our new camera, and he broke it! I always let him take pictures, in fact, he has taken some really cute ones of Ella because of his lower vantage point that he has while he follows her around the house. But apparently, the battery was running low so the lens kept moving in and out and then the camera would just shut off. He became frustrated with it and decided to manually shove the lens back in to close the camera and then, POP! "Mommy, I think something is wrong with your camera." Great. So, anyway, I am without a camera until I can return it to Costco and buy a new one, which I'm hoping to get done today.

In the world of Ella, we have made huge strides with this little girl who very dramatically gags on anything more than stage two pureed baby foods. For the past couple of days, she has had some fun sucking and nibbling on little pieces of bread, and last night I got her to eat some brown rice! When I presented her with a tiny bite, she looked back and forth between me and the strange substance on her spoon, then willingly took a bite! I was so proud of her! She moved it around in her mouth and sucked on it for quite a while, and made several "mmmm" comments. She only gagged a few times, one of which I thought was going to cause her to throw it all back up, and then took a few bites of her brothers cheese toast! I was so excited at her decision to try something new without totally rejecting it. We are way overdue for moving past all of this pureed stuff. Once she gets the hang of this, it will be time to get rid of the bottle that she loves so much!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm trying to improve on my blogging, so I wanted to make sure and get at least one other post in before the end of the month! I actually now have a entire 4 days left of March, so maybe I'll even get two written up!
We just got back this past Saturday from a week-long trip with my parents to Colorado. It was really great to be able to enjoy the beauty and share in that with the family. Elijah and Ella both got to play in some real snow for the first time (by "real" I mean not DFW snow, and more than one or two inches) and Elijah got to ski for the first time. I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly skiing came back to me after about four years of being away from it. I really did enjoy it and wish that I had gotten to ski more than I did. I probably could have gone up a few more times, but it was more important to me to be able to hang out with Elijah and help him do all the skiing and playing that he wanted to do. After a full day of ski school, I'm not real sure that Elijah thought it was worth all of the work to spend 15 seconds going down a little hill, but I think he enjoyed it enough to try it again next year. And maybe Gavin will finally try out some snowboarding!
Here are some pictures of the trip.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I have been in a real blog slump the past few months, but I'm really going to try to get back into it! I'm starting back slowly and just posting a few cute pictures so that I don't feel like I have to maintain some high level of blogging. Good grief, who would have thought a silly blog that probably 10 people in the world actually reads could cause a case of performance anxiety. Pretty ridiculous, I know.
I've also decided that I'm going to start writing about more than just what the kids are doing. Of course, they are plenty entertaining enough to fill up my time and space here on the computer, but I've discovered there are many other things in my days and life that might be entertaining to bring up as well. At least, I think they are entertaining.
So, without any further ado....

I took these pictures of Ella actually a long time ago. I went in to tuck in the kids and give one last kiss goodnight before heading to bed, and she was cuddled up with her bunny friend. The bunny is a gift that Elijah made for Ella at the Build a Bear Workshop to welcome her into the world. He brought it with him up to the hospital and gave it to her the day she was born, and it has a little recording in it with Elijah's little voice saying, "Happy Birthday, Ella." She has loved that thing from the very beginning because it has Elijah's voice with it. Elijah can do no wrong in his little sister's eyes - I think it was love at first sight.

The picture of Elijah was also taken a while ago. It is from his final class and performance in the gym class that he is in. All the kids got to stand at the top of the podium, like at the Olympics, receive their medal and give a big, "ta-da!" So this is Elijah's "ta-da." And of course, during the kids' individual performances of what they have learned in the class, Elijah also chose to show off his break-dancing skills that have been self-taught in his living room. I was impressed and proud, however I'm pretty sure the other parents didn't appreciate it as much as I did. They were probably just trying to figure out why this weird kid decided to all of a sudden start flailing his body around. For any of you mid-90's SNL fans and Seinfeld fans, his movements are really a nice combination of Ed Grimley and Sprockets and then a little bit of Elaine mixed in. It really is pretty classic.

I will have a new post in the next couple of days - we all had a big day today that I will share. But I'm having issues with picture uploads, and I'm kind of OCD about posting without pictures - I don't like to do it! So when I get the picture thing figured out, I'll put up a new post!