Monday, February 26, 2007

Mavs #1 Fan!

Check him out! This headband is the latest addition in Elijah's Mavs wardrobe. It came in the mail two days ago since joining the Mavs Kids Club, and he has been wearing it ever since. And the shirt and shorts he has on, he's been wearing every day since Feb. 20 (it's been washed since then). The only day he hasn't worn it was yesterday when we went to church. It is an outfit that my mom brought back for him from Las Vegas - she happened to be there during the All-Star game and got him All-Star shorts and a jersey. I'm pretty sure he thinks it's the best thing that's happened in his life so far.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I couldn't remember if I had posted this before, but I came across the picture and I wanted to put it on here. Elijah loves playing with q-tips and floss from our bathroom. The floss, he actually uses to floss his teeth, but the q-tips are used to make an ipod. He always sticks the q-tips in his ears and says he's listening to daddy's ipod. And then he proceeds to dance and bang on his drums. I hope he never gives up on his drum playing - I love it!