Thursday, July 28, 2005

Elijah's Dad

It's amazing how much things change between those last few hours that you are merely pregnant and the incredible first few moments when your child is born. As the one carrying my child, I felt an instant connection with that little person the minute I found out I was really pregnant. Gavin didn't feel that connection until the minute that little person actually came into the world. But once they met, it was instantaneous, committed, and unconditional love. You know that love as a mother automatically and you never think twice about it. But when you see it portrayed through the relationship of your husband and child, it's amazing to watch.
Right after Elijah was born, I was rushed off to surgery. I was so sad that I missed out on those first moments and hours with my son. I really felt guilty about it, even though it was completely out of my control. But I was comforted a few days later when I got the pictures that my parents and Gavin's parents had taken during those hours that I was in surgery and recovery. I saw pictures of my husband never leaving my son's side. I saw him watching Elijah intently through the nursery glass window while they cleaned him and pricked his heel. I saw Gavin holding Elijah's little fingers while he was prodded and poked by the nurses. Gavin transformed from a nervous, unsure man who was about to be a father with absolutely zero experience with kids, into one of the best fathers I have ever known, all in a matter of hours.
I've always known that Gavin would be a wonderful father to our children. But to see it for the first time through those pictures was and continues to be bring me joy.
Elijah is now almost a year old, and to see the way that little boy just lights up when he see's his dad every evening brings me that same feeling of joy.
We recently took a trip up to the Northwest, and I couldn't help but notice in the row right across from us on the plane, sat a father and teenage son. It was a three and a half hour flight and I don't think they said more than 2 sentences to each other the entire time. It wasn't even that aspect that bothered me, because I know that teenagers don't always want to talk to their parents. It was the fact that when the son did talk, the dad acted annoyed that his son was interrupting his reading. It was a relationship that was hard not to watch and take note of, and it made me realize even more what a blessing it is to have a husband who desires so much to have a meaningful relationship with his son.
To watch my husband and my son not only interact with eachother, but love eachother so deeply makes me unbelievably proud to be their wife and mother.