Saturday, December 15, 2007

"I'm freakin' out, dude!" -said by mr. elijah winston pate this week.

Christmas Miracle

Our household has been blessed this year with our own Christmas Miracle - and no, I'm not pregnant again! Elijah has decided to join the world of diaper-free living! Truly amazing. And it has been so much fun to be with him everyday to share in his successes! It's so delightful to see your child expressing such pride of accomplishment for something in his life. I just never knew that pee and poop could be so much fun, but it really is! And to top it off, he told me yesterday that he thinks he's ready for boxers. How cute would he be in boxers?! Very cute! That on top of his comment to Gavin a couple of days ago that he wanted to wear jeans so that he "could be a real man like you, daddy." He's growing up so much these days and it's a blessing to see him want to be like his dad. However, it also touches a very soft part of my heart to hear him on the phone today tell me, "mommy, I just need you." It's an honor and an amazing thing to watch Elijah call on both Gavin and me in such different and unique ways, and I am so thankful that we are available to provide those needs to him. God is good to bless us with these things - wonderful children, dedicated spouses, cherished families, pee and poop!